Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Responsibility of the US and Roles of Neighboring Countries

During the Cold War period, the US was quite successful in turning south Korea into its strategic strongpoint by freezing the division of the peninsula. Today the US is trying to contain China and Russia by having the whole Korean peninsula under its heels. For this purpose, the US is intentionally aggravating tension in the peninsula and is using tension as its excuse to deploy its arms in a more offensive order and seeks to weaken the military power of its strategic rivals in the region by establishing missile defense system.
On the other hand, both China and Russia are not only closely following the US moves but also are strongly against them.
After the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the DPRK is very active in exerting its sincere efforts to replace the extreme tension with an atmosphere of dialogue and the neighboring countries wish for early removal of tension in the peninsula.
Driven by apprehensions to this, the US has a strong impulse to create a new excuse for high tension indispensible for its Asia Pacific Rebalance Strategy
The US has already made public its “precision air raid operation” to “disable” the DPRK’s nuclear and military facilities. Various strategic assets including nuclear-powered submarine Mississippi and a formation of “B-52H” strategic bombers flow into south Korea. More grave is that the DPRK-targeted missile warning drills is staged by the US, Japan and south Korean war maniacs. These are calculated moves to heat up tension which will surely lead to a point of no return unparallel to the August incident of 2015.
The US should be aware of the fact that the higher the tension on the Korean peninsula becomes, the greater the joint counter measures of the regional peace-loving states becomes, which would hasten the US strategic downfall. The US, the main culprit of Korea’s division, should withdraw its aggressive forces and war equipment from south Korea and keep its hands off the Korean peninsula issue. The US should immediately stop bringing into south Korea its strategic assets including nuclear-powered submarine and strategic bombers and completely stop dangerous joint military war exercises.
The south Korean authorities will bitterly regret its rejection of the DPRK’s proposal to adopt substantial measures to ease the military tension and danger of conflict, particularly along the Military Demarcation Line and in the hotspots on the West Sea and to expand the scope of this measure as the military confidence builds up.
The neighboring countries are kindly advised to clearly see that siding with the south Korea’s anti-DPRK moves would eventually be equivalent to dancing to the tune of the US strategy aimed at containing the neighboring countries through south Korea-led “unification of systems”.

The only way that the neighboring countries can offer a fair and positive contribution to Korea’s reunification is to support inter-Korean agreements for cooperation and reunification so that reunification of Korea is achieved independently and peacefully.

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