Sunday, December 24, 2017

DPRK: A Country Full of Mystery

Megaevents taking place recently in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and its hardline policy towards the US have thrust the country into the limelight in the international arena.
Many people of the world are studying the country with special interest.
To study the country from various angles, it is a country full of mystery.
What is mysterious first is the unique relationship between its national leader and the people.
Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of the DPRK, administers the policy of loving, respecting and prioritizing the people. He makes great efforts and spares nothing in promoting people’s happiness and improving the standard of living of the service personnel. This is why the service personnel and other people trust and follow him not only as the leader of the nation and the Supreme Commander, but also as their own parent.
All the people are desirous of meeting him even once in their lifetime, and when they see him, they are moved to tears. It was an inspiring sight that soldiers of an island post threw themselves into cold seawater to see off their Supreme Commander returning from field guidance of their post; this scene that cannot be found elsewhere in the world cannot be produced with having recourse to the power of authority or by enforcement.
It is quite mysterious for the West that the Korean people follow and admire their leader so ardently.
Second, the DPRK is building itself into a powerful nation in the face of super-intensity sanctions by the US and its vassal forces.
The US, with extreme enmity against the DPRK, has imposed unprecedentedly tough sanctions upon the country uninterruptedly.
Other countries may have collapsed or yielded under these sanctions.
But, far from yielding to such difficulties or collapsing, the DPRK has risen up more valiantly and is advancing straightforward along the road of its own choice.
It has built one majestic street after another, and set up model factories across the country to revitalize its economy.
The Korean people say: The US’s sanctions are unjust and cut no ice with us; the tougher the sanctions are, the stronger we become.
That the small country remains unperturbed even in the face of tenacious and extreme sanctions by the US and its vassal forces is another mystery for the world.
Third, the DPRK is standing face to face with the US, “superpower” of the world, and holding fast to its cause.
The DPRK is incomparable with the US in terms of its territory, population and economic strength, but it has never deviated from its stand, striving to carry it out.
What is more interesting is that it has always taken the initiative in its confrontation with the US.
The Supreme Leader of the country demonstrated his self-confidence by giving field guidance at the Ryuwon Footwear Factory and Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory with composure when the US was running amuck, crying “complete destruction” of the DPRK and deploying strategic nuclear assets in the waters around the Korean peninsula.
The people, in disregard of the threat and blackmail by the US, are now enjoying the performance national art troupes stage while travelling across the country.
These mysteries are attributable, in short, to the leadership ability of the Supreme Leader and the spiritual strength of the Korean people.
The US should get a clear understanding of the DPRK and find a reasonable way to resolving the conflict with it.

Other countries would be well advised not to toe the US’s line blindly, but to discern what is right and what is wrong during the discussion of the problems related with the DPRK on the international stage.

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