Sunday, December 24, 2017

Matchless Courage and Warm Humanity

The following anecdote shows what a courageous woman Kim Jong Suk was.
In 1933, according to Commander Kim Il Sung’s strategy, forming an alliance with a Chinese anti-Japanese unit called “Pingyi” presented itself as a pressing task. This was somewhat dangerous because the Chinese indiscriminately killed Koreans, deceived by the Japanese imperialists’ national alienation plot.
However, she proposed a negotiation with the head of the Chinese unit and went to see him. Despite the obstructions by armed guards, she came to the headquarters and sat face to face with him. The Chinese man looked overbearing and scornful; by contrast, the young, daring girl looked composed and self-confident as she kindly and logically explained how the Japanese imperialists were scheming to alienate the Chinese from Koreans. Admired by her uncommon character, he agreed to join hands with the Korean guerrillas. 
Kim Jong Suk was possessed of warm humanity. 
She devoted herself heart and soul for the sake of her comrades and fellow people. When she was engaged in underground activities, she happened to know that the village landlord ordered a fevered kitchen maid to be carried away to a hut in a mountain. She immediately rushed to the hut and shared bed and meal with her. Other members of her organization dissuaded her from living with the sick girl, for fear of infection, but she continued to nurse the poor maid. At last, the girl was saved from the jaws of death thanks to Kim Jong Suk’s self-sacrificing care.
Kim Jong Suk’s warm humanity went beyond the differences in nationality, ideas and political views. One day, after Japan’s defeat, a few Japanese girls who had served as nurses of the Japanese army came to her house for begging. The hostess took good care of the wretched girls without prejudice. And when they were returning home, she helped them with their procedures and gave them some new clothes, food and money. Twenty-five years later, one of them sent a letter of thanks via the governor of Tokyo who was visiting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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