Sunday, December 24, 2017

Unusual Tactics and Accurate Marksmanship

Kim Jong Suk learned guerrilla tactics when she was serving in the unit led by Commander Kim Il Sung.
Her remarkable stratagem was demonstrated in the January 1936 battle of Neidaoshan, China. The Japanese army enlisted over 800 troops, including a mortar battery and a special unit that was allegedly capable of coping with guerrilla warfare, to seize the guerrilla base. Prior to the battle, she suggested a campfire tactic–building campfires on some heights of Neidaoshan to let the enemy know the whereabouts of the guerrilla unit and lying in ambush to make a sudden attack from a favourable position. The battle went as she expected. Hit hard by the guerrillas, the enemy suffered heavy casualties and turned tail.
Her ever-changing and adroit tactics proved highly effective in subsequent battles.
She was also renowned as a fine shooter.
There are a number of episodes that illustrate her remarkable marksmanship: One night, each time she saw an enemy soldier’s gun muzzle flashing in the dark, she fired back and killed many; in a shooting practice her bullets hit the necks of transparent glass bottles hundreds of metres away; during the battle of Donggang she fired a bullet to cut a telephone wire hanging on a pole under the dim moonlight.

At the time of the formation of the International Allied Forces the Chinese and Soviet Union service personnel would say that Kim Jong Suk’s bullets “have eyes.” 

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