Saturday, December 09, 2017

U.S. Introduction of Strategic Assets Flayed

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- Jong Nam Hyok, researcher at the Institute for American Studies of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK, in a commentary Friday disclosed the danger of the U.S. move to send its strategic assets towards the Korean peninsula.
Saying that centuries-long nuclear blackmail and intimidation of the U.S. against the DPRK have now reached the zenith, the commentary noted that the U.S. introduction of its strategic assets has got more provocative and dangerous in the estimation of its round, size and content than before, though it is less than 1 year since Trump took office. It went on:
No one can vouch that the U.S. moves will not lead to a pre-emptive nuclear attack and total war against the DPRK any moment.
The above-said U.S. actions were prompted by its strategic calculation to keep a firm hold on Japan and south Korean puppet forces, speed up the triangular military alliance with them and militarily pressurize and contain potential foes, China and Russia.
Such moves are further fanning up arms race in the Northeast Asian region as they are destabilizing the region.

The U.S. increasing nuclear blackmail and threat have made the DPRK keenly feel the justness of its line of simultaneously developing the two fronts and compelled it to speed up the beefing up of its nuclear force for self-defence. 

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