Saturday, December 09, 2017

Impracticable "Sanctions Resolutions"

In September 2017, the US inveigled the UN Security Council into adopting Resolution 2375 with the aim of applying sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; it took issue with the fact that the country launched a test of ICBM-ready H-bomb. It was no longer than one month after the UNSC adopted Resolution 2371 in the wake of the country's test-firing of ICBMs.
These resolutions were vicious and sordid in view of the means of its application and implementation.
The point is that the sanctions imposed upon the DPRK by the US and its vassal forces were doomed from the start, in the face of strong protest and denunciation by its own citizens and the international community.
A senior fellow and Korea specialist of the America-south Korea institute under the Johns Hopkins University wrote in his article contributed to The New York Times: If Trump believes that military threat and escalating sanctions can force the DPRK to give up its nuclear weapons, which will be his greatest blunder. If the Trump administration expects that China can exert any influence over the DPRK, that will be its serious miscalculation. Such behaviour will drive Trump into a tight corner. Time will betray Trump.
The former US Secretary of Defense Perry said: We should see north Korea squarely, not as we want. Over the past decades the US has drafted policies in anticipation of its collapse but they have turned out to be a failure.
South Korea is actively involved in the US-led sanctions racket against the DPRK. Some experts commented that the latter's tougher stand is unprecedented in history, predicting that sanctions and pressure will never impede its nuclear development. Even conservatives argue that the north's economy remains unperturbed in spite of the harshest-ever sanctions.
During their recent visits Europeans witnessed the reality in the country that is totally different from what they had heard and admired the fact that despite harsh sanctions and pressure all citizens have stable jobs and learn to their heart's content and parentless children are leading a happy life. Even American visitors spoke highly of this country, calling it a land of bliss or an earthly paradise that cannot be found elsewhere on the planet.
The Korean people, enraged at the anti-humanitarian sanctions racket, are overcoming all manner of difficulties on the strength of single-hearted unity, science and technology, by giving full play to the spirit of self-reliance and self-development.
Rallied firmly behind the Workers' Party of Korea and their Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, they have turned out with one accord in the effort to build a powerful socialist country by dashing forward at a Mallima speed.
Until October 1 100 or so units fulfilled their yearly quotas of the national economic plan, and an increasing number of units carry out their two-year or three-year plans. With the rapid development of science and technology, industrial establishments have upgraded their production lines by relying on domestic materials and technology. A typical example is the recently renovated Ryuwon Footwear Factory in which over 1 000 modern machines have been newly installed. Power stations, factories and enterprises have mushroomed across the country, rendering a tangible contribution to promoting economic growth.
A leap forward being made in the development of defence science and technology, state-of-the- art weapons have been developed and are being deployed. They will contribute to resolutely frustrating the moves of aggression by the US and its vassal forces.

The Korean people are fully convinced that they can achieve any goal when they are solidly united around their Party and leader and strive hard with belief in their own strength. No sanctions can check the advance of such people who have cherished unwavering conviction in the validity of their cause.

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